Sennheiser IE600: Pocket-Sized Thrill Ride (But Can Tiny Conquer Mids?)

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The Sennheiser IE600 is the line-ups from Sennheiser; it is the latest IEM lineup from the German brand. It is being powered by a dynamic driver. The first thing to notice in this IEM is the size, it’s small, which makes it so much comfortable. Coming from IEM’s like Moondrop Blessing 2 and Softears RSV the size makes it the only IEM that can be enjoyed while lying on bed, can actually sleep with no issues, not that I recommend sleeping with IEM’s on.

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Build and Comfort of Sennheiser IE600

Sennheiser IE600 3
Sennheiser IE600 3

The Sennheiser IE600’s build quality is itself top notch, nothing to complain here, made of metal shell (zirconium alloy), tiny housing, strong, textured feels like a tank, quality connectors and all there is no complaint. 

MMCX however in my case does get loose overtime but shouldn’t be an issue if regular plug and unplugging of wires is avoided.

The wires are okay-okay, rubbery and kind of feel cheap, it does behave good but is difficult to tangle because of its rubbery texture. Good thing the IEM’s are MMCX and can be replaced easily.

The shape and size of the Sennheiser IE600 is perfect for any ear period. In the isolation department the IEM falls slightly behind the likes of Softears RSV but then it’s not an issue you won’t hear anything once you play music. 

However, the stock eartips don’t seal that great for me, also does not sound that good more on that later, but tip rolling is necessary, the perfect tips for these for me were the AzlaSednafit Light (We have a detailed review of these airtips if you are interested).

Sound Quality of Sennheiser IE600

Lows (Bass)

Oomph, it does hit hard, the small DD outperforms a lot of IEMs in this department, the impacts are clear and precise with the right amount of punch, and it does get overpowering on some tracks but never is bloated or muddied

The bass quality and amount are very respectable here, the bass is mostly focused on the sub bass side so it closely resembles a very theatre-like feeling. I am a person who is into balanced sounds and can’t bear IEMs with overpowering bass, but the Sennheiser IE600 is different, it has huge bass yet controlled so it does not bother me. 

Overall, great quality and quantity in the bass, no complaints, bassheads would also like these and for those balance heads out there maybe not be their type of signature yet listenable and not just that enjoyable I would say…

Mids (Midrange)

The mids sound a little off to me, to be honest, the timbre and tonality do not sound organic, and the voice notes are kept behind the lows and treble section, a little too far from what I prefer. 

Texture in voice also lacks a bit, some male voices sound okay but the voice notes on the higher end of the spectrum feel a bit off, too metallic I would say. In simple terms, it’s just not as pleasing as what Softears RSV or even the Aful MagicOne I reviewed recently. 

However, this does not bother me too much, because the IEM is dynamic, it sounds so fun to listen to that it’s easy to forgive the average mids. Overall, okay-okay mids, not very textured, not very pleasing, can sound metallic, pretty decent.

Highs (Treble)

The treble is slightly sharp, not overly does not get sibilant, it’s incisive, well separated, and presents the higher-end tones with a shit ton of details, a DD sounding this fast almost feels like there is a BA inside

The IE600 sparkles here like fireworks in the dark, full of lights and minute details it brings life into these IEMs. However, it can get piercing for some people who are sensitive to treble but for me, they are so enjoyable. 

It does sound artificial because it’s not common to hear so much sparkle everywhere but again it makes it dynamic sounds fun and makes the overall listening session enjoyable.


According to my taste and understanding, the soundstage is massive, these small little puppies sound so big, most probably the treble sparkle is making these sounds so airy that it feels so open, the overall separation and positioning of instruments are well done here, a well clear and defined 3D space

Although don’t get overwhelmed, it’s not in the realm of headphones, but in the IEM category, it may be one of the best soundstages in IEM that I have heard yet.


Small driver big package, micro details here it is, incisive to the point it can make a lot of BA driver IEM’s fall shy, no blurriness no muddiness, it’s all about the glam and shine, great attack macro details are on point as well.


Sennheiser IE600 vs Softears Studio 4:

Sennheiser IE600 vs Softears Studio 4


The Softears Studio 4 establishes a well-balanced low-frequency performance, with sub-bass frequencies tuned thoughtfully to align with the Harman Target. The bass is punchy, and controlled, and extends impressively into the sub-bass realm. Despite lacking a dynamic driver, the Studio 4 crafts a bass response reminiscent of a true dynamic driver, offering dynamic energy to the lows without overwhelming the overall sound. 

On the other hand, the Sennheiser IE600 is described as delivering a theatre-like experience in a small package. Its bass is characterized by a hard-hitting impact, clear and precise with the right punch. The IE600 focuses on sub-bass frequencies, providing a powerful and controlled bass response that contributes to a cinematic and immersive sound signature.


Moving to the midrange, the Softears Studio 4 excels in tonal accuracy and timbral authenticity. The lower midrange is neutral and precise, ensuring vocals and instruments are rendered with clarity and definition. As you transition to the upper midrange, Studio 4 takes a step forward, enhancing vocals and instrumental solos with forwardness, fidelity, and emotional resonance

In contrast, the Sennheiser IE600 presents midrange characteristics that may sound a bit off, lacking in organic timbre according to the description. The mids on the IE600 may not be as textured or pleasing, with some notes sounding metallic. Despite this, the dynamic and enjoyable nature of the IE600’s sound makes up for the perceived shortcomings in the midrange.


The treble performance of the Softears Studio 4 is highlighted by its outstanding extension, details, and balanced tonal balance. The treble is incisive, clean, and fast, offering a spacious presentation without excessive sibilance. While not overly detailed, the treble in Studio 4 contributes to an overall well-balanced sound signature. 

For the Sennheiser IE600, the treble is described as slightly sharp but not sibilant. It provides a dynamic and detailed presentation, with a focus on accuracy. The IE600’s treble adds sparkle and details to the overall sound, creating a lively and enjoyable listening experience.

In summary, the Softears Studio 4 and Sennheiser IE600 each bring a unique sonic signature to the table. The Studio 4 leans towards a balanced and precise sound with an emphasis on tonal accuracy, while the Sennheiser IE600 offers a dynamic and immersive experience, particularly in the bass frequencies. The choice between these two IEMs would largely depend on individual preferences for sound characteristics and the desired listening experience.


  • Small and well built IEM shell

  • Super comfortable.

  • Powerful bass

  • Sparkly treble

  • Wide soundstage



  • Pricey
  • Stock Cables
  • Stock Tips


The Sennheiser IE600 is a compact and well-built in-ear monitor (IEM) with a comfortable design suitable for extended use. Featuring a dynamic driver, its bass performance stands out, offering impactful hits and a theatre-like subbass experience. The build quality is commendable, with a sturdy metal shell, though the MMCX connectors may loosen with frequent use. The rubbery-textured wires, while prone to tangling, can be easily replaced due to the MMCX configuration.

In terms of sound quality, the mids receive mixed reviews for lacking organic tonality, but the dynamic nature of the IEM makes them tolerable. The treble is sharp but not sibilant, providing detailed and incisive higher tones, contributing to an enjoyable listening experience. The expansive soundstage is a highlight, creating a clear and defined 3D space that rivals some of the best in the IEM category. Despite some minor drawbacks, the IE600 excels in comfort, bass, and soundstage, making it a compelling choice for audio enthusiasts.

Sound Quality

Low Frequency (Bass): (5/5)
Mid Frequency: (2.5/5)
High Frequency (Treble): (4/5)


Fit and Ergonomics: (5/5)
Prolonged Wear Comfort: (5/5)

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