Slay or Spellbound? Aful MagicOne IEM Review: Single BA Sorcery or Overhyped // 2023?


Presenting the AFUL MagicOne IEM, a single balanced armature (BA) in-ear monitor (IEM) priced at ₹13,490.00 ($139.99), aiming to redefine audio fidelity with its resonator chamber technology. As part of AFUL’s innovative lineup, known for previous successes like the Aful Performer 8 and Aful Performer 5, the MagicOne stands out with its single BA setup.

Special thanks to our friend Pulkit and HiFiGo for graciously providing the MagicOne for review, enabling enthusiasts to explore the nuances of its unique sonic signature.

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Build Quality of Aful MagicOne IEM

The AFUL MagicOne IEM is solidly built with a durable resin shell that is both functional and visually appealing. One interesting feature is the integration of resonator technology, aimed at enhancing the sound signature. While this innovation may vary in its impact for individual users, it shows AFUL’s willingness to explore unconventional avenues in audio design.

The accompanying cable is also of excellent quality, with a soft and durable texture that adds to the IEM’s overall aesthetic appeal. Its flexibility and sturdiness contribute to the user’s day-to-day experience, aligning with expectations for a product in this price range. Overall, the AFUL MagicOne IEM demonstrates the brand’s attention to both form and function in their design philosophy.

Aful MagicOne IEM Wire
Aful MagicOne IEM

Comfort of Aful MagicOne IEM

Aful MagicOne IEM offers a fantastic fit with its compact shell design, making it perfect for users with smaller ears. Compared to similar styles like the Moondrop Blessing 2, the Aful MagicOne IEM’s smaller shell fits like a glove and should accommodate most people easily. The resonator chamber gives off a vented vibe, but some users might find it feels more closed, potentially leading to a sensation of pressure for sensitive individuals. However, the Aful MagicOne IEM has a very nice small nozzle diameter that enhances overall comfort, making it wearable for a broader audience.

Sound Quality of AfulMagicOne IEM

Lows (Bass)

The AFUL MagicOne truly offers a wide range of audio experiences, from its lows to its highs. Let’s start with the lows, where the MagicOne provides a commendable quality of bass, offering precision and control that is truly impressive. However, some may find that it falls short in delivering a dynamic bass experience, lacking the pronounced sub-bass punch and impact that many seek in a pair of headphones. Nonetheless, for those who prefer a more restrained bass response, the controlled and articulate bass of the MagicOne will be a delight.

Mids (Midrange)

Moving on to the mids, the Aful MagicOne truly shines with its very good presentation. The midrange is characterised by its cleanliness and analytical clarity, with a subtle warmth that adds a layer of richness to the timbre, resulting in a compelling and engaging midrange that is well-suited for a variety of genres. Vocal texture, in particular, is noteworthy and contributes to an overall pleasant listening experience.

Highs (Treble)

Finally, in the realm of highs, the Aful MagicOne doesn’t quite reach the level of multi-BA drivers, but it excels in presenting a smooth and clean treble. While the highs might not boast the same sparkle and brilliance, they offer good resolution without any issues of sibilance or excessive brightness. The treble is characterised by its smoothness, contributing to an overall enjoyable listening experience. Overall, the AFUL MagicOne IEM offers a mix of highs and lows that will surely cater to a wide range of audiophiles.


Aful MagicOne IEM vs Aful Performer 8 (P8):

Aful MagicOne vs Performer 8

When it comes to low frequencies, Aful MagicOne IEM and Aful Performer 8 offer distinct characteristics. While MagicOne provides controlled lows that lack a sweet sub-bass dynamic, Performer 8’s bass delivers precision with a striking balance between tactile feedback and energetic sub-bass impact. Both IEMs excel in their own way, with MagicOne’s midrange quirks contributing to a spacious soundstage and a captivating listening experience. It leans towards precision and clarity, offering a compelling midrange. Meanwhile, Performer8 takes a slight lead in inner details, providing sharper definition. In the highs, Aful MagicOne IEM presents a smooth and clean treble with good resolution, although not reaching the heights of multi-BA drivers. On the other hand, Performer 8 delivers a slightly less spacious soundstage but maintains a well-defined and much more detailed high-frequency response, thanks to its midrange quirks. Overall, both IEMs offer unique sound signatures that cater to different preferences.

Aful MagicOne Graph

Aful MagicOne IEM vs Blessing 2:

Aful MagicOne vs Blessing 2

The Aful MagicOne IEM and Moondrop Blessing 2 exhibit noticeable differences in their sound profiles. The Blessing 2 is characterised by its thicker lower frequencies, resulting in a slightly more pronounced sub-bass dynamic. On the other hand, the Aful MagicOne IEM bass lacks the sweet sub-bass impact but offers controlled precision. In terms of midrange, the MagicOne matches the Blessing 2 in terms of clarity and definition. While the Blessing 2 is a benchmark for resolution, it can come across as shouty for some listeners. The MagicOne, however, maintains control and delivers a well-behaved midrange section. Additionally, the Blessing 2 is slightly more detailed and tactile in the treble department, while the Aful MagicOne IEM’s sound is smoother.

Aful MagicOne IEM vs P8 Vs B2


  • Accuracy: The AFUL MagicOne IEM excels in delivering accurate and precise sound reproduction, catering to critical listeners and audio professionals.
  • Comfort: The IEM is designed for a secure and comfortable fit, contributing to a fatigue-free experience during extended listening sessions.
  • Build Quality: AFUL maintains its reputation for robust build quality, ensuring durability with high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements.
  • Isolation: The design provides top-notch isolation, effectively blocking out external noise for an immersive listening experience.
  • Detail and Clarity: The Aful MagicOne IEM offers excellent detail and clarity across the frequency range, allowing listeners to discern subtleties in their music. IEM


  • Bass Impact: The bass response, while precise, lacks the pronounced sub-bass impact desired by some users.
  • Drivability: The AFUL MagicOne demands a substantial amount of power for optimal performance, which may limit compatibility with certain audio sources.

Sound Quality

Low Frequency (Bass): (3/5)
Mid Frequency: (4/5)
High Frequency (Treble): (3/5)


Fit and Ergonomics: (5/5)
Prolonged Wear Comfort: (4/5)


So, I got my hands on the AFUL MagicOne IEM and let me tell you, it’s like the middle child of the IEM world. Not too flashy, not too dull, just right in the middle. It’s like the Goldilocks of earphones – not too dynamic, not too flat, just a touch more oomph would be nice. But hey, at least it’s comfy! I mean, the ergonomics are top-notch, although I didn’t personally experience any pressure buildup. Some people do feel it after long hours of listening, so I guess it’s a hit or miss for some folks. And let’s talk about power – this thing needs a substantial amount of juice to really shine. But hey, if you’re into smooth and relaxed sound, then this could be your jam. It’s like the chill friend who’s always down for a laid-back hangout. Overall, it’s not extraordinary, but it’s not a snooze-fest either. 

Just right in the middle.

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