The worth of AZLA SednaEarFit Light – AZLA Eartips Review

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Introduction to AZLA SednaEarfit Light

The AZLA SednaEarfit Light Eartips are a special sort of eartip designed to be comfortable and relieve strain on the ear canal. They are made of a soft, flexible material and have a 10mm shaft length.

The inner hole has a diameter of 5.4 to 7.2 mm, thus it can fit all IEMs in the market, except the ones with smaller nozzles such as Etymotics and Shure, for these IEMs an additional adapter is required that is available in Azla SednaEarfit Crystal.

The SednaEarfit Light Eartips come in six different sizes. They are more comfortable in comparison to the regular SednaEarfit since they are softer and keep their position better after being implanted in the ear.

AZLA SednaEarfit Light Sizes

Sound in Azla SednaEarfit Light

Azla SednaEarfit Light is one of the best if not the best eartips out there, although more on the expensive side, the longevity of the eartips truly makes up for it.

These eartips influence the sound of any IEM adequately, the sound signature of the eartip is more on the leaner side due to its wide bore, although I have noticed that these can extend the highs of most IEMs even more so than other wide bore tips, that could be due to the longer stem that it has.

Although some bright IEMs may sound too sharp on these, it goes perfectly with warmer and more balanced or flat sounding IEMs. I would recommend avoiding these for bright IEMs, a smaller bore such as Final E Tips would be more suitable for those.

Overall the sound quality does improve with these tips, mostly increased highs and resolution in the upper treble region. Mids are alright on these balances; it doesn’t influence this section as much, and even lows are properly translated on these.

Fit of the Azla SednaEarfit Light

These eartips have a very soft texture on their umbrella, making it very nice and smooth fit, however, one should keep in mind to purchase a smaller that their usual size for these as the eartips tend to run larger than normal size, it’s best to measure the size beforehand with existing eartip that fits perfectly before spending on these.

The isolation on these tips is average, one plus point is some IEMs that are not vented which can create ear pressure, using these tips the pressure can not be felt, at least not to the same extent as some other eartips.


  • Extremely comfortable due to its non-stick umbrella.
  • Has a smooth and matte texture.
  • A big bore enhances the sound, making it more open and clean.
  • Boosts highs and treble performance.
  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Can last for a longer time compared to Xelastics.


  • Not for bass heads
  • Not really suitable for bright IEM’s either
  • Really very expensive

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The AZLA SednaEarfit Light Eartips are comfortable, soft, and improve sound quality by enhancing highs and treble. They fit well but run larger than normal sizes. Not suitable for bass-heavy or bright IEMs.

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