In-Depth Tanchjim One Review: Unleashing Superior Sound Quality

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Introduction: Tanchjim One Review

Before we start the Tanchjim One review, lets get to know about the brand and product a little first?

The Tanchjim One, is a replacement for their well-liked Zero model, and has been produced by Tanchjim, a reputable company in the ChiFi audio industry. The Tanchjim One is a “beefed-up Zero” because it keeps the brand’s distinctive warm and neutral sound but adds a meatier bass character. This review examines its features, sound quality, technical details, and final conclusion to assist audiophiles in determining if it is the best option for them.
The Tanchjim One is more than just a replacement; it is an improved progression of the company’s dedication to great audio quality. This single dynamic driver earphone has a well-thought-out design and a PU+PEEK composite diaphragm in its manufacture. While the majority of its body is made of plastic, the addition of an aluminum faceplate gives it a hint of upscale elegance. The Tanchjim One stands out for its flexibility. It is available in two versions, the DSP and the 3.5mm, both of which include a detachable cable system for more convenience and adaptability. For this review, we will be concentrating on the DSP version as that one has that special sauce to make everything so much more fun for other IEMs as well. Stay put to know more.

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Build Quality of Tanchjim One DSP

The Tanchjim One boasts a thoughtful and durable design that incorporates plastic and metal components. Because of its lightweight yet lasting properties, the resin was employed to build the primary body of the earphone. 

While working on the Tanchjim One review one thing that we found was that the Tanchjim Zero lacked a replaceable cable, however now the common 2-pin terminal and a removable cable have come, and it enhances durability and versatility. Users may easily replace the cable, which is vital in the case of wear and tear over time. 

The addition of an alloy faceplate enhances the appearance of the earbuds while also providing a layer of security. 

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The combination of metal and resin strikes a mix between toughness and lightweight feel. The detachable cable system is an amazing provision that extends the lifetime of the earphone and allows users to adjust it to their own needs, whether they prefer the 3.5mm or DSP type.

Comfort of Tanchjim One

The next thing which this Tanchjim One review needs to discuss happens to be the comfort. We found that the Tanchjim One seeks to deliver a pleasant wearing experience since comfort is crucial for any earphone, especially for long durations of listening. The ergonomic shape of the earpieces provides a snug fit that reduces strain during extended use.

The combination of lightweight materials and precise earpiece form results in a snug fit with no discomfort or pressure areas. The detachable cable system adds to customer satisfaction by allowing them to choose the cable length that best suits their requirements and avoids cable-related annoyances.

The Tanchjim One’s design considers the necessity for a secure fit to prevent users from being distracted by earpieces slipping out. This is particularly important for persons who exercise often or use headphones while exercising. Furthermore, the removable cable enhances the comfort as one can wear them like a normal earbud-style with wire falling straight down, or like IEM’s where wire goes like a hook behind the ears.

Sound Quality of Tanchjim One DSP

Lows (Bass)

The Tanchjim One review showed that its bass response is much stronger than that of its predecessor, the Zero which lacked the bass thump and punchyness. One now has a well-balanced presence in the sub-bass and mid-bass frequencies that set the bass profile apart. The result is a balanced and engaging low-end experience.

Sub-Bass: The Tanchjim One delivers a satisfying sub-bass performance, with good extension and satisfying rumble and depth when called for in musical recordings. This is particularly useful for genres like techno and hip-hop that need a lot of bass.

Mid-Bass: The mid-bass provides enough warmth to provide the overall sound presentation richness and body. Instruments like kick drums and guitar strings seem precise and tonally accurate because they give them weight and impact.

Control and Separation: The bass response is detailed because the bass presentation is well-controlled and separated. This produces a more cohesive and enjoyable listening experience by ensuring that individual bass notes are identifiable and do not overshadow other frequencies.

Mids (Midrange)

The Tanchjim One review found that its midrange delivers a lush and captivating listening experience while maintaining the brand’s signature neutrality and smoothness.
Lower Mids: The warmth of the mid-bass gives the lower mids a delicious, full-bodied expression. Male vocals get richer as a result, and they are placed higher in the mix.
Upper Mids: Female voices are given vitality by the upper mids, which have a smooth rise without producing unfavorable sibilance.

A strong timbre response is also advantageous for instrumental music, which creates a more compelling and genuine listening experience.

Highs (Treble)

The treble performance during the the Tanchjim One review was found to be  characterized by its neat and inviting appearance.
Smoothness: While the treble lacks fine detail, it nevertheless makes for a comfortable listening experience. Long durations of listening are appropriate since they do not have roughness and excessive brightness.
Precise Attack and Decay: To accurately represent high-frequency sounds, elements like cymbal crashes and percussion instruments benefit from having a precise attack and decay.

Rightness and Airiness: The Tanchjim One provides enough brightness for a crisp listening experience, but due to the warmer overall presentation, it has less airiness than the Tanchjim Zero. This results in a beautiful and enjoyable treble while creating a somewhat deeper background without any piercing sharp notes.

Tanchjim One Graph1
Tanchjim One Graph2

Tanchjim One Cable

Tanchjim One Cable

During the Tanchjim One review what really took us by surprise was not the DSP Cable but the features it provided, upon installing the Tanchjim app from: one can access the advanced setting for the DSP like the 5 band Parametric Equaliser

The PEQ allows users to adjust the earphone’s sound characteristics to suit their own tastes. For audiophiles who want to adjust the audio output to fit their chosen genres or sonic tastes, this degree of personalization is priceless

Pre-set equalization profiles for different music genres or listening situations are available in many DSP implementations. Users who are unfamiliar with audio tuning may use these presets as an easy starting point to establish a sound profile that meets their requirements.

This cable allows the Tanchjim One to mimic any other DD IEM sound signature with ease, although PEQ being an advanced EQ system cannot really help too much in the technicality and details but it sure can give you a feel of what tonality and timbre of IEM’s such as Moondrop Kato, or Moondrop CHU would sound like just by adjusting the frequency with the help of tools like And not just that the cable since its 2-pin is compatible with a variety of other IEM’s from different brands as well, pairing using the cable to adjust PEQ according to one needs is such a great feature to have.

Tanchjim One UI 1
Tanchjim One UI 2
Tanchjim One UI 3

Pros and Cons of Tanchjim One

Based on the above discussed foundings in this expansive and detailed Tanchjim One Review, the following pros and cons can be deduced:


  • The Tanchjim One offers a pleasing and captivating listening experience because to its warm and neutral sound profile, which is appealing to a wide range of musical genres.
  • Improved Bass: Compared to its predecessor, The Tanchjim One has a beefier bass profile, giving the overall sound depth and richness, making it ideal for bass aficionados.
  • Detachable Cable: A detachable cable system, which is offered in both 3.5mm and DSP varieties, improves flexibility and convenience. Users can rapidly swap out the cable if required.
  • Customers may fine-tune the music to their likes and genre preferences with the DSP feature, which incorporates a 5-band Parametric Equaliser.
  • Comfortable Fit: The ergonomic design of the earpieces ensures a comfortable fit even during prolonged listening periods or strenuous exercise.
  • The mix of resin and metal components results in a long-lasting and durable build quality, with the alloy faceplate adding a touch of opulent aesthetics.


  • The Tanchjim One is suitable for those who prefer an enjoyable and immersive sound over analytical listening, despite the fact that it may not excel in the highest levels of detail retrieval.
  • Some users could suffer a little mid-bass leakage, which might have a little impact on overall clarity, especially in intricate musical passages.
  • Darker background: In comparison to its predecessor, the Tanchjim Zero, which had more airiness and brightness, the Tanchjim One’s warmer sound characteristic results in a much darker background.
  • Subjective Sound Preference: The One’s preference for increased bass and warm-neutral sound may frustrate those who are seeking a flawlessly flat or analytical sound profile.


Sound Quality

Low Frequency (Bass): (4/5)
Mid Frequency: (3.5/5)
High Frequency (Treble): (3/5)


Fit and Ergonomics: (4/5)
Prolonged Wear Comfort: (4/5)
Final Rating:


We would like to conclude this Tanchjim One review by stating that this IEM indeed dazzles with its warm and neutral sound quality, notably increased bass, and many detachable cable options (3.5mm and DSP). The DSP’s 5-band Parametric Equaliser, which allows audiophiles to fine-tune their sound, is a standout feature.

Its durable design, which mixes resin and aluminum components, ensures longevity, and its ergonomic form encourages comfort during long listening sessions. The Tanchjim One may provide users with a personalized and fascinating audio experience, making it an excellent choice for both beginner and seasoned audiophiles looking for quality, versatility, and affordability in a single device.

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